Cherished Moments

Baby | Family

I feel very fortunate to live a lifestyle where I meet many new people year after year who often become like family to me.  The hockey life has brought me to experience many new and exciting adventures, but I think what I will cherish the most about this whole experience is the friendships I have made along the way.   Every new city brings a new group of players and players families.  Some faces are familiar, but mostly they are all new.  I met JM and Murielle about seven months ago here in Graz and baby Alek nearly 3 months ago.  The friendship we have developed over this last short while will surely last a lifetime.  Alek is a tremendously lucky little boy to have such caring, and happy parents.  The love this family has for one and other is evident in their images.  It was a joy to be able to capture such tender moments of this exceptional family.





Melanie & Greg


I met Melanie and Greg here in Graz more than three years ago.  It has been lovely watching their relationship grow from a fairly new couple to now married and with a child on the way.  Melanie is an incredibly beautiful woman.   Photographing her was easy, especially with a wonderful pregnancy glow!  I feel lucky that Melanie and Greg gave me the opportunity to capture some tender moments from this special time in their lives.  I can’t wait to meet their little sweetheart!

Ich habe Melanie und Greg vor mehr als 3 Jahren hier in Graz kennengelernt. Es war entzückend, deren Beziehung von Anfang an, als sie noch ein ziemlich frisches Paar waren bis jetzt als verheiratetes Paar mit einem Kind am Weg wachsen zu sehen. Melanie ist eine unglaublich hübsche Frau. Sie zu fotografieren war leicht, vor allem mit einem wundervollen Schwangerschaftsglühen. Ich bin glücklich, dass Melanie und Greg mir die Möglichkeit gegeben haben, einige liebevolle Momente dieser speziellen Zeit in deren Leben einzufangen. Ich kann es nicht erwarten deren kleinen Schatz zu treffen.