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Wedding showers are a special occasion unique to our western culture.  Here in Sault Ste Marie wedding showers are especially familiar.  This is a gift-giving party for the bride-to-be in anticipation for her wedding.  Wedding showers often take a lot of preparation and thought into making it run smoothly.  It is quite usual for the host or hosts to add creative ideas to the shower that make it personal to the bride-to-be.  I recently had the pleasure of being invited to a Pampered Chef shower.  It is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family, learn a few tasty new recipes and check out some wonderful products.  For this particular shower the guests were asked to bring their favourite spice for Lindsay, the bride-to-be.  After a short presentation of some must have products had finished the guests were then able to purchase their gift for Lindsay from the Pampered Chef catalogue which Lindsay had registered for.  Guests were able to make purchases for themselves as well.  Kim Moreau was our Pampered Chef host and she did a wonderful job as she is very informed on the products after many years with the company.  She is also very friendly and a excellent chef!  Guests were treated to a delicious and plentiful lunch as well as an assortment of delectable deserts.  The assortment of sandwiches were provided by Solo Trattoria.  Upon leaving the party guests were treated to a Pampered Chef mini-serving spatula as well as a spice to take home.  A Pampered Chef wedding shower is a wonderful idea for a relaxed, fun, and informative shower.  The bride-to-be will be thrilled to have a kitchen that is filled with new, quality cooking and serving supplies!  I would encourage anyone that is going to be hosting a wedding shower to consider throwing a themed wedding shower.  If the guests can simply buy the gift at the party I personally feel that is a huge plus, but regardless of what you choose to do for the event be creative!  Don’t be shy to take an idea and run with it!


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Dustin and Kirsten welcomed their beautiful baby girl to the world on February 16th.  Grandma Joanne arrived in Graz a few days later.  Kane was also very interested to meet Ava.  Ava was a little camera shy, but we still managed to have a lot of laughs and capture some wonderful moments during the shoot.  The first few weeks with a new baby are so precious, a little scary, and are over before you know it.   I hope these images will help this incredible family hang on to those priceless memories of Ava’s earliest days.


Melanie & Greg


I met Melanie and Greg here in Graz more than three years ago.  It has been lovely watching their relationship grow from a fairly new couple to now married and with a child on the way.  Melanie is an incredibly beautiful woman.   Photographing her was easy, especially with a wonderful pregnancy glow!  I feel lucky that Melanie and Greg gave me the opportunity to capture some tender moments from this special time in their lives.  I can’t wait to meet their little sweetheart!

Ich habe Melanie und Greg vor mehr als 3 Jahren hier in Graz kennengelernt. Es war entzückend, deren Beziehung von Anfang an, als sie noch ein ziemlich frisches Paar waren bis jetzt als verheiratetes Paar mit einem Kind am Weg wachsen zu sehen. Melanie ist eine unglaublich hübsche Frau. Sie zu fotografieren war leicht, vor allem mit einem wundervollen Schwangerschaftsglühen. Ich bin glücklich, dass Melanie und Greg mir die Möglichkeit gegeben haben, einige liebevolle Momente dieser speziellen Zeit in deren Leben einzufangen. Ich kann es nicht erwarten deren kleinen Schatz zu treffen.